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Ocean Shipping or Sea Cargo is for heavy and bulky items that would otherwise be too expensive for Air Shipping


Here are some Ocean Shipping facts that you should know about. By knowing what Ocean Shipping is and how long the shipment takes, you can make an informed decision before you send your freight out.

  • Ocean Shipping takes approximately 45 – 60 days from departure time at the Port of Origin to get to Nairobi.
  • Online tracking available. Tracking number may be emailed and sent via text.
  • Online Account Portal for all Shipment History, Documents, and more.
  • Charges are based on volume and not on the weight.
  • The cost of shipping is priced at $34 – 35 PER CUBIC FOOT for all items that need measurement. There’s a minimum charge of $50.

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No Scheduled Shipping Dates


CONSOLIDATED SHIPPING is where cargo from different customers is shipped in one shipping container. Majority of our customers prefer this type of service since it’s all inclusive.

With this service, customers are only entitled to pay shipping rate at the origin and no other charges at destination. While shipping process entails a lot of procedures between shipment pick up and delivery, the customer is shielded from all hustles and bustles involved. Just to mention a few, includes – shipment preparation, export inspection, documentation, destination customs clearing, inland transportation among others.

We highly encourage customers to use this option to avoid unnecessary charges, headache, and potential cargo loss.


DEDICATED SHIPPING is where the entire space in a container is loaded with items for one customer only. In a different explanation, the entire container space is booked for one customer only. With this option Chauffeurs Kenya Freight facilitates the origin inland transport, documentation, and container shipping to the port of destination.

The customer is responsible for shipment preparation, loading, and securing items in the container, pre-export inspection (If needed) at the origin. The customer is also responsible for Destination customs clearing, destination inland transportation, offloading, and warehousing where needed.


Our rate is only $34 – 35 per CUBIC FOOT for items that need measurements, with a $50 minimum charge.

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